We have a passion for ice cream bike! Notwithstanding our new distributing bicycles and custom payload trikes, Icicle Tricycles offers restored and utilized ice cream bicycles. If we see one of our cherished Icicle Tricycles bicycles available to be purchased some place, we attempt and get it back to our shop for an upgrade. Yes, the truth is out, we every so often have a utilized ice cream bicycle available to be purchased! An Icicle Tricycles legend! Renovation and broad testing to reconstruct it back to new! At that point, it’s transported to you, completely built and good to go when it arrives! Simply jump on and take off. That is it!
Type: Utility Bicycle
Wheel Size: 26″
Frame Material: Steel
Fork Material: Steel
Rim Material: Aluminum
Net Weight: 180Kgs
Brand Name: Boris
Model Number: BRS-001
Place of Origin: Anhui, China (Mainland)
Gross Weight: 2400*810*1125(2390)
frame material: steel,stainless steel
front tyre size: 20*1.75 feet
rear tyre size: 26*1.75 feet
tyre rim material: aluminum
brake systerm: V brake/hand brake
Max Speed (km/h): 30-50
screw: all screws are stainless
spokes: stainless

Ice cream bike offers eye catching business opportunities. On a fine sunny day, an ice cream bike would be an eye candy. The cuteness can deceive you, but it packs some serious profits potential. The bikes looks so elegant, even in its minimalistic design. They look welcoming to customers of all ages. Our ice cream bikes wakes up the child in you. When people see the bike, they naturally tend to pull out their wallets. Kids love the design and so does adults. If you fancy making some profits on a summer day, our bikes would set you up for it.
You can customize the bike or tricycle in lot of ways. From freezers to roof to painting, there can be endless customization. You can set up large 240V freezers, that comes with twin sliding glass. If you prefer being powered for long hours, you need 12V freezers, which can be charged really quickly. Eutectic plate freezers are about performance over space. We can fabricate our bikes to your preferred freezer dimensions too. From insulation to mounts to brakes, our product covers them all. You can pedal or drive through hilly areas with such ease.