Why ice cream bike? Well, they are a mobile business solution, environmentally sustainable, with good low overhead and carbon neutral. If you are passionate for ice cream cargo bikes, in this manner you can have your business anywhere at any time, and you have zero fuel costs. Ice cream bike also makes you stronger. It will strengthen your legs, it will tone your abdominal muscles – while you are making money!

Ice Cream Bikes are the ideal thing for catering events. You just ride in and provide delicious cold treats at private parties, birthdays, family reunions, weddings, or company team building exercises! Or you just paddle out wherever you spot the need for cool treats! You will meet interesting people, and the best part of it is that you will make them happy, or at least smile, by handing out your icy treats.

It really is a spot-on mobile business for public parks, sporting events, tailgate parties or farmers markets. There will always be the demand for something good to eat, a sweet cold treat to put people in a good mood, so you just need to roll out and sell, sell, sell.

With the Ice Cream Bike you do not have the hassle and expenses with these kind of trucks or brick stores. No gasoline, no traffic jams, no rent, static locations or expensive building. You have all the reasons to enjoy your freedom.

When you acquire your ice cream bike, look for large alternatives of box options or mobile freezers, which can go from standard insulation to electrical cold plates or even dry ice.

Make sure you can find except standard models, custom built bikes, with frame colors and custom graphics to fit your own business, to have your logo, your style, your color.

Be your own boss and be your own business!